Who Is Project312?

By day, I am a professional web/graphic designer and have worked for small and large companies honing my skills. At night I operate a contract web/graphic design business, Project312. Project312 specializes in creating professional web sites for businesses at reasonable rates. As a freelance web/graphic designer, I concentrate on designing sites which are attractive, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines.

In the online world, image and functionality are important. How often have you navigated a website and thought how confusing or unattractive the website looked? The WWW is the fastest growing medium for advertising in history. A website design should reflect your company, capture your audience's attention, be easy to navigate, and help increase business.

What is Project312?

You will find that I offer many of the web design services that large web design companies offer. As an independent designer, I also provide the personal attention that you will rarely find from a company with hundreds of clients. I have excellent relationships with all of my clients and find that most of my business comes from their referrals.